How Long Your Lifestyle Habits Will Keep You Alive

Life expectancy has been increasing since as long as records have been kept. It also might interest you that women have continued to outlive men year after year. How come? What’s the secret?running-woman

Actuarial research done by Northwestern Mutual yields some eye-opening news about life expectancy based on 13 factors that, if you are like me, will have you considering lifestyle adjustments because each of the 13 questions in the exam shows you at once how it may affect your longevity up or down. Don’t know about you, but when I can move my life expectancy a considerable amount with a tiny adjustment that has been proven effective, I want to know because I’m going to do it.

For instance, I am 70 and factoring in my weight and height with my age I can expect to live to 83.

But adding in the other 10 factors about my lifestyle and family history yields even more interesting results. What is neat about the test is the results are instantaneous. Mine are good but aside from having almost died in 2009 from Kidney Failure, from which I got very lucky having managed to get off Kidney Dialysis, I am planning to stay alive a long time and every little detail such as this Northwest Mutual test is, in my opinion, extremely worthwhile if it shows me anything that I don’t already know and that I can painlessly implement into my lifestyle

I suggest everybody take this short test that may prove to be an eye-opener for you. I would not overlook it or sniff at it for its simplicity. I genuinely learned some things that I am going to implement into to my lifestyle and hope you do as well.

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Vitamin and Fitness diet, green grass

My previous column mentioned the rather new supplement known as Bromelain. I became interested because I had suffered some truly brutal damage to my upper body and head. Lost my memory and had the most hideous bruising and discoloration of my face and skin ever in my life.

I lost my memory, which is scary stuff so be extra careful with head injury risks.

I actually looked like I was going to a KISS concert and my face made up accordingly. People who know me well could not recognize me because my face was so beat up and discolored.

I mention the above not to brag about almost being killed, but to get around to the following.

I started to heal extremely quickly and somebody at my gym asked if I had been taking Bromelain because she said she heard it works like a miracle on severe bruises and inflammation. So today I was reading about a Turmeric formula that is supposed to be really fantastic, and of all things it contains Bromelain. I already take it and have for some time, which made me at once think maybe I healed so quickly because I was taking the Bromelain which is present in the Turmeric formula shown hereĀ

I’m going to write about Bromelain pretty soon and I hope you watch for it or search for it yourself because it just might be something to know about for bruises, inflammation, and injuries.

Speaking of searching

staying happy'

If you don’t mind me offering a suggestion, if you don’t already you should watch the CPR brush-up quickie video on this page once a week or thereabouts. It takes four minutes to watch and I promise you will feel happy with yourself if you ever get to save somebody’s life.

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